Why Choose CIOS?

  • A reliable Cloud Computing service provider since 2008
  • Free annual upgrades & zero cost of licences
  • Low operational and investment cost
  • Increase efficiency
  • Pay only for what you have used
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Fully supported by developer and experienced user
  • Reduces potential and human error

CIOS Packages

Type of subscription Monthly fee per module
First 3 modules (Minimum subscription of 3 modules for 1 year term) RM450
Next 3 modules RM350
Subsequent modules RM250

* Customers hosting application at their own premises will be subject to a different pricing model.
* Prices are inclusive of 6% SST.

Your Cost Without CIOS
Server & Software Licenses (Windows Server/Backup) 22,000
UPS System 3,000
Maintenance (System Administrator) and Security 36,000
Backup 1,200
Electricity (Lighting/Airconditioners/Hardware) 2,400
Server Room Rental 2,400
Cost of Investment for the first year (RM) RM67,000
3 Modules
Cost of Annual Subscription (RM) RM16,200

* These figures only represent estimated cost savings for comparison purposes only.