The CIOS is a complete web-based Corporate Integrated Office Systems which provides the flexibility to choose from a user friendly combination of modules suited for organizations of all sizes. The CIOS helps to minimize paper usage, manual administrative tasks, time wastage and human errors. The CIOS runs from servers hosted at our highly-secure Data Center ensuring data protection and high-availability. This allows stored information to be easily accessed and quickly retrieved from anywhere at anytime. CIOS can also be customized to meet your organizational needs with your desired degree of automation, on an affordable budget.


The core module of CIOS. It keeps various information about individual employee, for example, bio-data, earning, addresses, relative, leave, claims, training, appraisal, discipline, experience, skill, qualification and etc. It also caters for Inter-Department and Inter-Company/Subsidiary Transfers with a click of a button. This results the posibility to keep track of Service Movements and Service History of each individual employee (former staff as well)and generate reports for Management evaluation and decision making.


Streamlines the leave application process and facilitates administration by the Human Resource personnel. This assists HR to easily define and monitor the balances of different types of leaves. Reports include listing staff on leave, employee leave balances, leave taken, leave entitlement and leave history.


Provides organizations a simple way of managing and monitoring the medical benefits of employees to improve cost effectiveness. Employees can view their summary of medical claims. An email alert capability will notify employees and HR in the event when medical entitlements are exceeded.


Assists in the administration of Payroll by streamlining the monthly payroll process through automated table lookup and calculation of values, while providing essential reports on each payroll cycle for internal reporting purposes and for reporting to the respective external entities, e.g., Inland Revenue Board, Employee Provident Fund, and Social Security Organisation.


Facilitates management and monitoring of all training-related activities undertaken by the employees.The module is used for submission and processing requisition of training; record-keeping and storage of training details; certification and bonding management, analysis of training needs, notification of employees via email alerts; and report generation.

Claims Management System

Staff can furnish their claims in a simple and easy way. Among the type of claims available are mileage,reimbursement, traveling and overtime. Additional claims may be added during the application customization phase.

Serial Numbering System

Generates, manages and keeps track of serial numbers. This is used for official documents such as letters, quotations, proposal, etc.

Time Attendance System

Integrates with door access system / attendance system to provide customized attendance reports.

Resource Reservation

Staff can check and verify availablity;manage and keep track of all company resources.A variety of reservation rules can be defined such as first-come-first-serve basis; or based on priority.This includes company vehicles, equipment, meeting rooms, etc.